Physician assistants

I wish I will have the job for a physician assistants. Job responsibilities. Skills and education. job out look

Job responsibilities. treat in juries or illnesses. give advice for preventing disease. Take test on the patients.

skills and education. most people require 2 to 4 years. programs usually take at least 2 years. education includes classroom and laboratory instruction.

job out look physician assistants is to grow 31 percent. Make 108.601 a year 52.22 per hour

I wish will have the job of physician assistants. I would help people that are disabled or cant talk. Wish the patients good luck.


Katniss was picked for the hunger games Tessie was picked for the lottery. They both live in a bad place’s called a dystopia. Katniss hates the lottery but Tessie is fine with the lottery as longs they don’t call her. there also different how they take care of there family’s.


Katniss live in a dystopia and also Tessie dystopia someone get killed if they chosen by everyone Katniss plays the hunger games someone dies. There both have a lottery and someone dies if they get chosen.


Katniss hates the lottery but tessie likes the lottery if she dose not get picked.  Katniss said that the lottery always makes her vomit. That show that katniss hates the lottery and dose not want to get picked at all. Want dose Tessie feel about the lottery Tessie feels fine about the lottery as long as she dose not get picked .


They are different because of there family’s. When Katniss family was picked  she said i volunteer i volunteer as a  tribute.  how ever when Tessie family was picked she said take her kid don’t take me take my kid.


Tessie and Katniss are little the same and different. They both live in dystopias but Katniss tryed to save her family and Tessie did not. Thats what i think about the Katniss and Tessie.

what should we name are school

I think we should name a school after Cesar Chavez. He believed in Martin Luther king jr about anon-violent. He help out the farm workers with the harsh temperatures. Cesar Chavez helped out the lations to vote.

He believed in Martin Luther king jr about no fighting and no racism like not letting farmers get paid much money.

He help out with farm workers from the harsh temperatures and letting them have more stuff form the poison thats why the farm worker getting sick from the poison.

How I think the earth will end

I think the world will end by the moon if it crash in the earth. I would predict the world will end by the moon when it start’s getting to close to the earth. When the moon crash in to the earth I would predict that half of the earth will explode. If I predict this right I think the year when it could happen on the 3020. I think when the moon crash’s to the earth the moon will turn into more little Fragments and take out the rest of the earth.

Am Thankful

Am Thankful for my sister

she is always funny

i see her looking for her phone

I love her smile

I feel the ball

I wonder if i can make rip

I can Kick it

I am Thankful for football

I know how to play

I understand the rules

I’m fortunate because I can play in no school week’s

I dream about it

I am thankful for games


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The lottery

Based on the words and actions of bill in shirley jackson’s story the lottery i think he is exited about the lottery.

you did not give him time enough to take any paper he wanted. I  saw you it wasn’t fair!

bill hutchinson like doing the lottery and tessie dose not like doing it.

I conclude that bill hutchinson liked to do the lottery tesie hutchinson dose not like doing the lottery.

world peace

I need world peace like helping the wokers, share all the stuff,no killing.

helping wokers like someone who needs help Being nice to them geting stuff they need. share all the stuff in the world give stuff to people, people that need stuff, give people places to sleep at.  No killing there should be no war’s, no wars should be allowed,  no guns should be allowed, no harming people. we all wish for world peace   we should help the wokers by what they need to do, share the all stuff to the world, and no harming people.   

Cesar’s Nature Walk

Me and the others whet on a nature walk. We all saw a beaver dam. me ant the boys could see a real farway. I saw 3 frogs jumping in the water.

I saw 3 frogs going in to the water. The water was cold. The frogs loved the water. 2 of the frogs where black and one was green.

We whet in the woods. There was a path. There was a lot of mud. There was a lot of trees that fell.

I saw a beaver dam that made a lot of water stay. The beaver dam was like 4 feet. It made a lot of water stay where it was. there was a lot of stikes.