Katniss was picked for the hunger games Tessie was picked for the lottery. They both live in a bad place’s called a dystopia. Katniss hates the lottery but Tessie is fine with the lottery as longs they don’t call her. there also different how they take care of there family’s.


Katniss live in a dystopia and also Tessie dystopia someone get killed if they chosen by everyone Katniss plays the hunger games someone dies. There both have a lottery and someone dies if they get chosen.


Katniss hates the lottery but tessie likes the lottery if she dose not get picked.  Katniss said that the lottery always makes her vomit. That show that katniss hates the lottery and dose not want to get picked at all. Want dose Tessie feel about the lottery Tessie feels fine about the lottery as long as she dose not get picked .


They are different because of there family’s. When Katniss family was picked  she said i volunteer i volunteer as a  tribute.  how ever when Tessie family was picked she said take her kid don’t take me take my kid.


Tessie and Katniss are little the same and different. They both live in dystopias but Katniss tryed to save her family and Tessie did not. Thats what i think about the Katniss and Tessie.

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