Am Thankful

Am Thankful for my sister

she is always funny

i see her looking for her phone

I love her smile

I feel the ball

I wonder if i can make rip

I can Kick it

I am Thankful for football

I know how to play

I understand the rules

I’m fortunate because I can play in no school week’s

I dream about it

I am thankful for games


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The lottery

Based on the words and actions of bill in shirley jackson’s story the lottery i think he is exited about the lottery.

you did not give him time enough to take any paper he wanted. I  saw you it wasn’t fair!

bill hutchinson like doing the lottery and tessie dose not like doing it.

I conclude that bill hutchinson liked to do the lottery tesie hutchinson dose not like doing the lottery.

world peace

I need world peace like helping the wokers, share all the stuff,no killing.

helping wokers like someone who needs help Being nice to them geting stuff they need. share all the stuff in the world give stuff to people, people that need stuff, give people places to sleep at.  No killing there should be no war’s, no wars should be allowed,  no guns should be allowed, no harming people. we all wish for world peace   we should help the wokers by what they need to do, share the all stuff to the world, and no harming people.