Cesar’s Nature Walk

Me and the others whet on a nature walk. We all saw a beaver dam. me ant the boys could see a real farway. I saw 3 frogs jumping in the water.

I saw 3 frogs going in to the water. The water was cold. The frogs loved the water. 2 of the frogs where black and one was green.

We whet in the woods. There was a path. There was a lot of mud. There was a lot of trees that fell.

I saw a beaver dam that made a lot of water stay. The beaver dam was like 4 feet. It made a lot of water stay where it was. there was a lot of stikes.

My great Summer

I played Football and got hit in the leg had to go hostpitable.  I saw fire works and one got so close that I got so scard.  when I whet hiking and got sick so we wt home:(  I whet to the pool and fell in the water was so cold.